What Makes The Brown Booth So Special?



Brown Booth Brown Booth was designed by professional wedding photographers with quality, experience, and ease of use in mind! It is the perfect blend of form and functionality.

Our booths are all hard-walled because we believe that half the fun of a photo booth is grabbing your friends, climbing into a small, claustrophobic space, shutting the curtain and just seeing what comes out. The other half is having blackmail material to walk, or run, away with.

Do you ever wonder what your friends do when they are behind a curtain with a camera? So did we… that’s why we put a second screen on the outside of Brown Booth to make our photo booths just as much fun to stand in line for as they are to climb inside of. Images are captured with high-end cameras, optics, and lighting and print out of professional dye-sub printers just 8 seconds later.

Add a goody bag of dress ups that make every day a costume contest in the Brown Booth, stir in the unlimited downloads option of the images hosted online after the event, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for God only knows what!